SERMON: Little In the Hands of God

I consider it such an incredible privilege to open up God’s Word and proclaim the life changing grace of God.  It never fails that every sermon is aimed at my very heart as well.  On Father’s Day, I had the wonderful opportunity to open up Mark 8:1-13 where Jesus feeds the 4,000.  I believe we see there that it’s not so much what we bring to the table as much as it is who we bring it to.  My heart needs to be regularly reminded of the goodness, faithfulness and provision of God, especially in trying times.  Perhaps yours does as well.

Sermon: Cross God’s Heart

When it comes to Christmas, we often picture the shepherds worshipping and celebrating the newborn baby Jesus.  Luke presents a couple other people that were celebrating the birth of the baby, now 8 days old, as well.  Their celebration is a reflection of a faithful, promise keeping God.  His promise continues to hold true today and is our great hope heading into 2017.

Sermon: Hope Where You Are

Ever wish for better circumstances? Are you tired of being where you are? The message of Christmas is a message of hope.  In the midst of troubling circumstances, there is a very real hope that is not based upon wishful thinking, but a child that was born.  Into this broken world with its troubling news and at times heartbreaking situations, a Son has been given.  Because of that gift, there is hope in the midst of every situation.

Below is a sermon I gave on December 4 at Southern Lakes Evangelical Free Church on Isaiah 9:6-7.

Sermon: Work At Rest

God is the giver of every good gift, which includes work and rest.  Did you ever think of rest as being a godly habit? Most of us probably don’t because productivity is so highly elevated.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with productivity.  In fact, productivity is good.  However, productivity at the expense of rest, intentional, godly rest, is detrimental.

Sermon: Psalm For An Election Year

Choose any day to look at Facebook or social media and you will find people engaged in conversation about the upcoming election.  It is evident by the newsfeed that people are anxious about who will be elected to the highest office of the land.  Mud slinging, conspiracy theories and scare tactics reveal a tangible fear in the home of the brave.  There are rightful things for any citizen to look at and be aware of when it comes to this political season.  Stir in passion and fear and things get ugly.  I have not been above the fray in my concern for the future of our country.  There are times that I have just shook my head in disbelief over the current state of things.  Really America? Is this the best that we can do?

As I read through Psalm 146, it spoke to my heart and God used it to direct my attention back to the ultimate reality.  It reminds me of where real authority lies.  It points me to the king of the universe and how there are no exceptions to his sovereign rule.  As we look at Scripture we see how God uses even poor leaders for his purpose.  Things may not be as comfortable as we would like, but we are never outside of the mighty hands of God.  In a time of great passion, anxiety and people “unfriending” one another for their views, may Psalm 146 serve as an important bulwark to your soul in a swirling political climate.

Below is a sermon I gave on this very topic preaching to my own heart.