Today Is My Wife’s Birthday!

On this day in a particular year in the 70’s, a beautiful girl was born.  Thirty some years later I am so blessed to be able to call her my wife and what a joy it is to celebrate her.  Those that know her appreciate her listening ear, her sharp wit, her growing love of Jesus, her faithful prayers, her appreciation (putting it mildly) for coffee, her dedication to Ohio State football, and her snorts when she gets laughing really hard.  I am so fortunate to be able to experience those things and so much more on a regular basis with her.  How fun it is to have this woman in my life! Such as the time we went to Goodwill with dear friends to purchase the tackiest, loudest clothes we could find and then go bowling together in those outfits.

She serves her family well.  She continually is seeking new ways to love on us through new recipes and ideas.  She has truly become adventuresome that way.  I like to call her the “Indiana Jones of the Kitchen”.  That love extends beyond cooking.  She loves making memories.  There have been many picnics and special outings.  Somehow she keeps track of all four of our girls and their unique needs and activities.  She lovingly supports and encourages.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.  Proverbs 18:22

I am awed and encouraged by her faith.  It continues to grow and point me to Jesus.  We IMG_0373have been through some difficult seasons of life and those times have strengthened her faith muscles.   She has the confident assurance of God’s sovereign leading in all things, even when times are difficult.  She is my faithful companion and support.  She loves me but doesn’t worship me.  How important that distinction is!

An opportunity came up this week for me to go on a men’s retreat in the Smoky Mountains.  It is the first birthday of hers that I am missing in almost 18 years of marriage.  Not only that but she has always yearned to go to the Smokies herself.  Still she encouraged me to go.  To rest. To absorb.  To heal.  I am humbled by her love for me.  She cares for and nurtures my heart even as I seek to lead and nurture hers.

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.  I definitely married up.  I love you, Stacey! One day we’ll get to the Smokies together.  (And don’t worry, this post didn’t break any retreat rules.)


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