17 Years Ago

May 30, 1998

When miles accumulate on a vehicle, there is cause for concern.  When miles accumulate in a marriage, it’s an incredible blessing.  Seventeen years ago, my wife and I made our vows and prepared our lives for the glorious unknown.  As I reflect on those vows, I think about how important those words are.  Not because they have been perfectly kept, for I have failed much.  But because of the covenant that they signify.  The striving, the failing, the living, the pursuing and loving.  I am so glad that God never fails in his covenant with his people.  It is his love that empowers ours.  It is his love that corrects our unloving tendencies.

Over the last 17 years, I have learned more deeply the beauty of grace, humility, sacrifice, forgiveness, reconciliation and joy.   Sometimes in looking back on prior thought processes there is cause for embarrassment.  (As a kid, I was committed to growing into an adult who would remain single, have a robot and a pet monkey.)  As I look back on my vows to my wife, I am not embarrassed by what was said as though something was overstated.  I am reminded and emboldened.  She is worth it.  My bride.  My love.  My wife.

Stacey, as a naive 22 year old, I said my vows to you.  As a more seasoned man who has now experienced the highs and lows of marital life, I still mean them.  I look forward to all the journey has yet in store.  Happy Anniversary!

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