My Dog Helped Us Share The Gospel

Last night I was reminded about how life’s seemingly insignificant events can be incredible opportunities for sharing the gospel. I rejoice in the fact that life’s events are not a matter of chance, but the movements of a sovereign God with an incredible plan.

Last night, on a walk with “the dog” we debated if we should stop for coffee before the walk or after the walk. After going back and forth for a bit, we decided that immediately getting the coffee was the way to go. We walked to our favorite coffee hot spot and thought we recognized the woman at the outside table as being someone that we had just seen in passing the week before. We didn’t really know her and all she really knew of us was the name of our dog. As I prepared to go inside she addressed our dog by name and our suspicions were correct.

I was in the shop for about 5 minutes as Stacey chatted with her and came out to hearing the tail-end of a heartbreaking story. A story so wracked in pain and brokenness that you didn’t want to believe it could be true. And yet through the sharing of these open wounds, we knew who could bring healing to her situation and exactly why God had us where we were.

For the next 15 minutes we shared of hope, grace and forgiveness that is found only by faith in Christ. She listened intently as she heard of hope…something she hadn’t had much of. The good news of the Gospel is that out of the pain and hurt, out of the crap that God can and does make something beautiful. Hope is not found in religion, but in the person of Jesus Christ. We cannot be good enough, worthy enough or earn the grace of God. Grace is a gift.

She shared with us that when she saw us walking “the dog” the week before that she noticed something different about us. She mentioned it to her boyfriend and even told him, “Those are God loving people.” Now I don’t say that out of pride, but out of humility as it was a total God thing. We hadn’t been doing anything special. No spiritual conversation the week before. It was just us and “the dog”. But it really wasn’t, for God was there too. His hand was in it even then prodding hearts and preparing for something that we couldn’t even imagine. The first conversation was just about “the dog”.

What led to the second conversation was what we thought just a discussion over our coffee time preference. But God was at work there too. Precious conversation that brought eternity into the here and now.

We closed with a prayer with her that God would lead her in truth and that she would know His hope. But we walked away with more that iced vanilla latte’s. We walked away with a great appreciation of God’s perfect timing celebrating the power of the Gospel and the incredible opportunity given by Him. It was reminder that even walks down the sidewalk and coffee stops can be significant opportunities for the Gospel. And to think it all started with “the dog”.

One thought on “My Dog Helped Us Share The Gospel

  1. Well now they say that God spelled backward is dog…..great story…never know who plants need watering. Thanks for planting the seed of God’s love and grace and forgiveness. Blessing to you and your family…How is the dog doing?


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