I Was Kidnapped!

Before you go calling the police, let me explain. On Thursday I was planning on my wife coming in for the scheduled “birthday lunch”. She had let me know earlier in the week that someone was watching the twins and that this lunch would be just us. We even had the restaurant picked out. I was looking forward to our 12:45 appointment. My restaurants of choice for my birthday have changed over the years. It used to be celebrations at Chuck E Cheese with friends, then Chi Chi’s (Mexican) with my parents, and now I was going to celebrate my 32nd at Ruby Tuesday’s with my wonderful wife.

When 12:45 arrived, I was just finishing up some cards that had to get out. Imagine my surprise when she tells me that we have to go and we’re not coming back for two days! She was taking me away! The ladies in the office we’re in on the surprise and did a very good job at keeping it secret I might add. Their enthusiasm added to the excitement and surprise of the moment. Little did I know that we weren’t really going to Ruby Tuesday’s but were embarking on a journey through the Cascades to Bend, Oregon.

Stacey and I had a wonderful time in Bend. Though we had grown up around snow, we had never experienced having to put chains on tires. That was an experience in itself traveling through Santiam Pass. Nothing like travling through the mountains in a snow storm! We didn’t have any problems though and are thankful for the safety God gave us.
It was a great time to enjoy one another without the normal routines and busyness. We got to experience our first sleigh ride in the midst of God’s beautiful handiwork. I want to thank Stacey for a wonderful surprise and a great memory. I love you honey. Thanks also to the office ladies who helped pull it off. A big thanks to Joe & Missy for watching our kids!

3 thoughts on “I Was Kidnapped!

  1. Hurry! You only have a few days of January left! Do you realize I’ve left you 3 comments now? It’s nice to have comments on your blog, isn’t it??? Just a thought…

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