The Call that Started It All

This week my wife and I celebrated our anniversary. No, not our wedding anniversary, it was an anniversary of a different kind. December 4 marked 13 years ago that we had our first phone conversation. You celebrate that kind of thing? you may be thinking. Well, for six months we had been communicating through written letters. December 4 at 2:20 PM Central time marked the first time we talked on the phone. It was an exciting time! The call was supposed to happen at 2 PM, but you know, first calls can be kind of nerve wracking. That first call led to another one two days later and then there were weekly calls that we looked forward to. Almost half of our relationship was the distance between Chicago and Columbus, OH and yet God used those times in our lives. I’m so thankful for my wife and the way in which our relationship developed. It was so unique, exciting and difficult and yet we give God all the glory! I love you honey!

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