Fall Traditions

One of the things our family always enjoyed every fall in Ohio was going to the apple orchard. A family in our church every year had a Saturday event filled with hay mazes, animals, food and hay rides out to pick apples. The girls always enjoyed picking their own apples from the tree and we enjoyed watching them. It was always a fun day, especially picking out the family pumpkin.

With a move comes developing new traditions or building upon old ones. This year we decided to go the farm featured on the program “Little People Big World”. Stacey and I used to watch it while living in Ohio and now they live only 10-15 minutes from us. It was a fun day, not a new tradition, but fun for the day. Matt Roloff, the dad featured on the program, has made quite a town for his kids. The girls enjoyed seeing it.
It’s a reminder that no matter what changes come in life, family is what really matters. As long as it’s about investing in those relationships, traditions can change and new memories made. Ultimately the strength in family is found through a strength in and focus on the Lord.
(In case you’re wondering why there’s not pictures of my older girls, Stacey and I have to
share pictures for our blogs, so you can find more pictures of the day on her site. Eventually.)

6 thoughts on “Fall Traditions

  1. I’m glad these family traditions are as important to you as they are to me! I love the traditions we have made as a family, and I look forward to starting new ones as our family continues this journey together!

  2. Hey dude,It’s great to finally catch up with you and to see that God is obviously doing some amazing things with you and the family. Lots of love to all you guys (and girls 🙂

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