Last Hoorah

This year all of our girls will be in school which will be a huge adjustment. I’ve always been made fun of for my strange ways of observing time, but am getting some scope of how quickly child rearing goes. In only 10 years our oldest will be 18! Ten years doesn’t take as long as it used to. We are trying to make the best of our time and investing in the lives of these gifts of God. One of our highlights so far occurred on Sunday and Monday.

Our family took one last hurrah of summer and it might just possibly become a tradition to celebrate each year before the beginning of school. We hit the coast as Stacey found out that this week was supposed to be “the” week for whale watching as they would be the closest to shore to feed before migrating. We tried to prepare the kids (and the parents) that it was possible we wouldn’t see anything and yet we saw 3! It was awesome seeing these awesome animals that we had only ever seen on TV just off the coast from us. Not only that but we got to enjoy seeing seals and numerous breathtaking views. Walking along the beach with our kids is such a fun experience. We all look for what we can find. The older two girls love finding crab claws and other parts, as well as shells. Our five year old loves picking up anything that even resembles a shell. She doesn’t care if it’s a fraction of a piece, it’s an adventure for her. I was proud of all my girls who braved going through a cave that went right through a cliff. It was dark and daddy was seriously having his doubts about going through it. But we all made it safely the the light at the end of the tunnel and got some unique views of the coast as a result.

Daddy loves to show his family unique things and I saw 2 starfish that were in a small pool. In order to get to them I would have to stretch my leg over to reach the rock and then reach down into the water while balancing on the rock in order to get the starfish. Stacey warned me that the rock looked slippery, but daddy thought he could handle it fine. I was able to reach down and pull up a beautiful purple starfish and show the girls as well as pose for a picture. Upon releasing it back to the wild and preparing to jump back to dry land, my feet slipped and I went tumbling into the water – to the surprise and enjoyment of my family. Fortunately it wasn’t over my knees, yet daddy still got pretty wet.

I thank God for these great memories with my family. Stacey and I enjoyed a star filled night in front of the ocean, listening to the pounding of the surf and marveling at God’s awesomeness. What a marvelous opportunity we have to see God’s tapestry. What a HUGE God we serve! I look forward to as many opportunities God gives me to invest in my marriage and family. Thank you Lord for meeting us with grace everywhere that You lead us!

One thought on “Last Hoorah

  1. Great memories! We’re praying for you guys as the girls are about to start school. Can’t wait to hear about their adventures! Know that we love you dearly!

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