Enjoying the adventure

Have you ever had that question, “What’s next?” It can be a question of dread, but also one of excitement. The last couple years have been a rollercoaster ride and yet I find myself looking to the future with excitement to see what God has in store. He has been faithful and has directed my steps. I think about how God has proven Himself over and over again. It’s great to know and experience the faithful God of the Bible. The same God that was God of Abraham and Paul is my God. He hasn’t changed.

And so I find myself on the edge of another adventure. I don’t know what’s ahead. After 7 years of living in Ohio, my wife and I anxiously wait to see where God is going to take us next. Next week we will get some kind of answer as we travel to Portland, Oregon to look into a possible student ministry position. It is so far from anything we’ve known or have been comfortable with and yet there is something very exciting about that. The idea of forging new ground brings out a pioneer spirit. We’ll have about a week to take in the church, the people and culture. My wife has always wanted to see Oregon, so I’m glad we’ll have this chance. She’s always been a mountain girl where as I’ve always loved the ocean. Oregon has both. We’ll see… If it’s not meant to be, it just means we look forward to the next step.

And so we take this adventure on step at a time with excitement in our eyes and joy in our hearts knowing that God is going to lead us by the hand.

One thought on “Enjoying the adventure

  1. Hi Adam,How did it go out in OR? Is this the next or the last step down that road?? I know that God is ordering your steps and will reward the righteous.Thanks for sharing.

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